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Kayla Tutwiler

Kayla Tutwiler


Hi! My name is Kayla Tutwiler and I am a full time missionary with YWAM Kona.

In the summer of 2017 after high school I went to YWAM Byron Bay, Australia to do my Discipleship Training School and I knew in that moment that all the plans I thought I had for my life went out the window. I had a burning passion for knowing the Lord deeper and to share and reach others with the power of the Gospel. My priorities completely shifted and I am forever grateful.

I am currently fundraising for a missions trip to Chicago, Nashville, & Boston. This season the Lord has me in has been the most beautiful and fulfilling. I recently finished a 9 month School of Biblical Studies where I dove deep into scripture and studied each book inductively. I am now in a School of Apologetics where i am learning how to defend the faith. As Christians we are called to have a defense for our faith. So often people have questions that are so valid and Christians aren’t equipped to answer them or tell people to just have faith. I am learning how much of a disservice this is and the beauty of God’s heart towards logic and evidence. The Lord wants to answer people’s questions. We are diving into deep topics while learning how to meet people where they are at and how to best communicate.  I feel this school is putting language and words to passions in my heart that I’ve always had, but didn’t know how to communicate and my heart for the world around me has grown even deeper.

Part of this class is a 3 month missions trip around the United States visiting college campuses, rehabs, homeless ministries, working with muslim organizations, street evangelism and more. We will also be sharing the Gospel and providing answers to questions many have about faith and the Lord. We are going to meet people with both love and logic for the kingdom.

All the work we do is volunteer, so in order to make this passion and vision the Lord has given me happen, I am in need of $5000. If you would pray and consider partnering with me that would mean the world.

If you have more questions or want to chat please reach out. Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this.

I love you all.


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