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Kiana Tinnel

Kiana Tinnel


Hi Y’all! My name is Kiana Tinnel, this coming fall I will be a part of an amazing missions organization called YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in the Orlando, Florida location for 6 months.

Pursuing Missions has been a huge desire of mine ever since I understood the meaning of the Gospel and I felt the Lord leading me to go to the YWAM Orlando location. With YWAM, I will be starting my first three months in Orlando, engaging in the Discipleship Training School to learn more about God’s word, planning and leading ministries and developing our skills in what we learn. The final three months will be the outreach where we will go share the Gospel, equip the local churches, and help them meet practical needs.

When I realized the raw yet beautiful reality of the Gospel everything changed. My heart ached for those who have never heard it or don’t know who Jesus even is. Jesus broke my heart for what breaks His and my love for Him transformed the way I love the people around me and for those who are far in distance from me. When you love Jesus, you truly will begin to love His people.

I heard more in-depth about Youth With A Mission through some of my close God-fearing friends and I began to really seek the Lord on it and gave Him my yes. I am surrendering some time away from college because I know that I will see lives will be transformed and the lost become saved.

Would you consider in praying and financially partnering with me in seeing the next generation saved until there is no place left?


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