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Kyle Porterfield

Kyle Porterfield


My name is Kyle Porterfield.

My greatest desire in life is to love God and to love others. I desire to create disciples of Jesus in relational environments, to care for the weak and broken-hearted, to be an example of Christ and to call others and myself to the standard God desires for us.

Recently I’ve been sensing the Lord putting missions, ministry, and youth on my heart. I’m unsure of how all of these will come together, but I trust God to lead me step by step. After much prayer I feel the first step is attending the School of Biblical Studies with YWAM Kona.

YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies is a nine month long inductive Bible study course where I will gain an in-context understanding of the Scriptures from cover to cover. I recently visited the campus and joined in on a lecture. They were going through the book of Hebrews, dissecting it, scrupulously investigating it to find out the who, what, when, where, and why of the book. They did extensive historical background to build a broader context, asking the question of what the letter would have meant to the original readers and, through that lens, how the Word applies to us today.

I believe that having an in-depth, inductive understanding of Scripture will equip me with a solid Biblical worldview and help me to navigate different situations and seasons of life with a Biblical approach. I will learn to look at Scripture with a much deeper understanding and be able to teach both topically and inductively in Bible study settings, youth groups, or wherever else the Lord may allow me to teach. YWAM’s mission statement is “To know God and to make Him known.” I pray that through this school, I can do exactly that, knowing God through His Word and making Him known by sharing His Word.

Currently I am asking God for partners to pray for me and give so that I can take this next step and attend this training.

I will need $1600 per month to cover expenses and a bit more in order to participate in the Titus Outreach at the end of the year. If you’re interested in partnering in ministry with me, feel free to contact me via phone, text or email.

My phone number is (208) 659-2266 and my email is

I would love to have you join my team.


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