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Kaleigh O'Connor

Kaleigh O'Connor


Hey ya’ll!

Last year I participated in YWAM’s Discipleship Training School [DTS] in Kona, a 6-month program that equips young adults to go out into the nations to spread the gospel and share how God has changed our lives. The first half of the training was our Lecture Phase—with classes and a focus on worship and interceding for nations and people groups. My relationship with the Lord got so much stronger, and I witnessed Him move in the most beautiful ways.

The second half of our training was the Outreach Phase. I was able to be in the Philippines for three months, working with the YWAM coordinating team there. We did house to house evangelism and street evangelism; we worked with children and with high school students; we traveled to Mindoro to work with an indigenous tribe—and God did the most amazing things! It was an absolute blessing to be able to partner with what He is doing in the Philippines! I know I’d love to go back.

 All in all, being part of YWAM was the craziest and best 6 months of my life! I absolutely loved it.

 After graduating from the initial training in June, I returned home and have been working as a nanny to start earning money for the next phase of my adventure. In September, 2023, I will return to Kona for the YWAM leadership track. I’m so excited to dig even deeper in God’s Word and His plan for my life. My hope is to be invited to help staff a DTS in January, and then help lead an outreach team from March—June of 2024. That would give me the opportunity to be a mentor to students, and share the experience of being on the mission field with them. [I’m hoping to go back to the Philippines, but will be excited to go anywhere God sends us.]

I’m so excited about this! I know that God will continue to give direction to my own life as I invest in others. I am stepping into the role of a full-time missionary, and I will need people to walk along- side to offer support.

Would you prayerfully consider supporting me financially or in prayer as I follow the Lord's calling for these next steps?

Words can’t express how grateful I am for all the love, prayers, and support I’m receiving to pursue the calling God placed on my life!

I appreciate ya’ll so much!


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