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Kailey Mattarella

Kailey Mattarella


 Hi, I'm Kailey!

I am a Christian, multi-passionate creative, mental health therapist, local missionary, global missions advocate, and seeker of fun!

Throughout life, I’ve been known as someone who desires to create welcoming, safe spaces for anyone + everyone. I have this burning desire to see people set free in encountering the love of Jesus and knowing who they're made to be, living with and for Him, the king of kings, Lord of Lords! I live to be a voice, empowering the body of Christ, to shine the light of joy in this lonely and polarized world + to help raise up new disciples of Jesus.

I do this by inspiring and empowering others in developing a lifestyle of being outward focused like Christ, with the ultimate goal of raising up disciples, that raise up other disciples, spreading God's glory all over the earth!


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