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Kiriki Majima

Kiriki Majima


Hi, I am Kiriki Kupono Majima!


Thank you so much for your heart to support me. I was born in Hawaii and grew up in Japan until graduating high school. I graduated from Bible College majored in pastoral ministry. I graduated with a Master of Formational Leadership in May 2024 from Lancaster Bible College to get trained to do ministry in Japan.


I am going back to Japan in August 2024 or January, 2025. The reason why I want to do ministry in Japan is because of the percentage of Christians. It is said, that in Japan there is only one percent of the population that is Christian. As I went to a secular public school for 12 years from elementary school to high school, I only met one Christian friend. This broke my heart because that literally means they will not have eternal life.


For some reason, God very graciously chose me to be a pastor's kid in a country like Japan and revealed himself at a time I could accept the love of God. And God called me to be a minister.


I strongly feel the conviction of needing to do God's work in Japan. I have a passion for evangelism and discipleship for Japan.


Again, thank you for partnering with me to do ministry together through your support!


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