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Kelli Jones

Kelli Jones


Hi! My name is Kelli and I am a black missionary serving in America.

I accepted the call to missions two years while finishing my degree. After I graduated with a bachelors from Florida A & M University, I knew God was calling me to continue my education by attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS). God called me to do a DTS through Circuit Riders so I could get trained in evangelism, preaching, understanding my bible, and living in community.

Less than 1% of missionaries in America are black. One of the reasons God called me into missions is to help spread the Gospel to black communities across the globe. Through partnership with Circuit Riders, I am able to reach HBCU's, inner cities, and black communities with the Gospel. God has also called me to missions to preach the Gospel in every nation because I am called to not just reach black people in America, but also black people around the world.

Financial partners are a way for me to invite others into what God is doing throughout the nations. By financially investing with what God wants to do through me for His Kingdom, we can now work together to see the spread of His Gospel to the corners of the Earth. We can see HBCU's under revival and black people across the world come to Christ.


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