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Kenzie Gaskill

Kenzie Gaskill


Hi everyone!! My name is Kenzie!

I’m originally from Texas, but my heart is in California which is where I’ll be serving on staff with Circuit Riders for the next 2 years!! If you don’t know what CR is, check out! Our mission is to save the lost, revive the saved & train them all!!

Circuit Riders came to my college in 2019 and hosted a Carry the Love gathering, which is a two-day event held on campuses around the US, Europe, Africa & more. Day one being the primary gathering where the gospel message is shared and worship is held, and day two being a day meant for evangelism and equipping students to keep the movement of God that was birthed alive and active!

The day I discovered this movement, my heart was so gripped. Not only for this generation to know Jesus, but for every single soul to truly know Him. I am so convinced that Jesus changes everything. The gospel, and what He did for me & you, it changes everything. He changed everything for me and opened my eyes to see how worthy He is to be known, so I will give my life for that to happen!

As staff, I will be helping out with media & also will be planning future Carry the Love tours across the United States. Being a full-time missionary means I will be living off of 100% support so that I can invest FULLY into what God is doing through this movement.

So, I’d love if you’d join me on this journey and help me fulfill this dream on my heart of people, campuses, & even nations being saved while living a surrendered life fully trusting in Jesus!


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