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Kelsy Francis

Kelsy Francis


My name is Kelsy Francis, and I am a full-time missionary with Fire & Fragrance in South Africa.


YWAM is an international missions organization whose values are ‘to know God and make God known’. Fire & Fragrance is a circle within YWAM that is committed to raising up a generation that carries a fire in their hearts for Jesus that becomes the fragrance of Christ to the lost. 

My heart burns for those living on the margins of society. I feel deeply called to work with victims of sex trafficking, addicts, children in foster care, the homeless, and people in the prison system. I am passionate about seeing people come to know their identity in Jesus, and be set free from all oppression. 

In July 2023, I will be moving to South Africa long-term, and my main focus will be working with vulnerable women. In this ministry, we are dedicated to helping women break free from the cycle of prostitution, and provide them with the support they need to rebuild their lives. I am incredibly excited to partner with this ministry and be a part of all that God is doing in South Africa  

If you feel that God is stirring in your heart to partner with me financially, you can either set up a monthly donation, or give a one-time gift below. Both are immensely appreciated!

As many of you know, I fully rely on support to be able to do this type of work in the nations full-time. I am currently building my support team/family and would like to ask you if you would pray and consider partnering with me monthly. To be able to pursue long-term missions, I am in need of $1,800 of monthly support for the duration of this time. This will cover my rent, food, and travel expenses. I deeply appreciate any amount and truly trust in the Lord’s provision.  

Thank you for loving me, believing in me, and supporting me. I am in awe of God’s faithfulness to put me on the path that I have dreamed to be on since I was a teenager. I am truly living out my dream and it brings me great tears of joy when I think about it. Thank you for making space for me in your hearts. It is an honor to do this with you.   

All my love, 


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