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Kaley Donnelly

Kaley Donnelly


Hi I’m Kaley!

I am a full time missionary with Respect The Corners (RTC), a non-profit organization headquartered in Kona, Hawaii. Our purpose is to see communities discipled through fitness, send coaches into hard to reach nations, and use our personal fitness to take bibles to every remote village in high mountain ranges - by foot. We like to do hard things.

Within the ministry, I help lead our Coaching Development Program: a 3 month program where we teach the basics of fitness and nutrition, provide a hands on coaching experience, and give tools to use coaching positions to disciple athletes of all levels and ages, and meet the needs of a community. I also coach community fitness classes, and am currently training for a trip into the Himalayas, where I will be trekking bibles to remote, unreached villages.

In the future I hope to move longterm to war torn nations in the Middle East to aid oppressed women and empower them through training and discipleship. After having traveled to multiple nations in the Middle East and seeing firsthand how war has deeply affected the people, I feel a personal calling to bring a light of hope to those who desperately need it. Rebuild communities from the ground up.

Please partner with me prayerfully and financially as I serve the Kona fitness community, raise up coaches to serve their respective communities, and aim to empower women across the world.

Thank you,


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