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Kaitlyn Colquhoun

Kaitlyn Colquhoun


Hi guys!!

 I’m Kaitlyn Colquhoun and since graduating high school in 2022 i’ve been serving at YWAM! I spent September 2022 through March 2023 serving the base in YWAM Kona. Since being in Kona I have been absolutely marked for the Nations. I just recently got back from my DTS (Discipleship Training School) where I spent 3 months in Kona, Hawaii learning more about Jesus, how to preach the Gospel, and being able to grow such deep intimacy and friendship with Jesus! I was then sent to South Africa with my amazing team of 8 for another 3 months where we open air preached, door to door evangelism, prison ministry, put on youth groups, started Jesus Clubs in high schools, and even helped rebuild a house that got burnt down.  We saw God move in miraculous ways, and saw so many of His children come running home!

As i’ve prayed and sought the Lord I’ve felt to continue in missions!! I’m going to be going back to YWAM to staff a DTS! Which means I will spend about 3 months being trained in how to disciple, learning how to steward finances, and how to lead a team! 3 months, walking side by side with my students to in freedom, discipleship, etc! Lastly, 3 months on outreach leading a team somewhere in the Nations!

Now, maybe some of y’all are asking yourself “how can I help?” So glad you asked!  I need prayer, I cannot do this without your prayers and support. Some are called to go and some are called to send! I’m also looking for monthly and one-time supporters to help sustain my mission. Missions work is a full-time job and I need help to cover living, food, flights, just everyday things I need for life in missions. I would love if y’all would pray and ask the Lord if y’all want to partner with what God is doing through me!

It’s such an honor and privilege to partner with what God is doing in the hearts of Gen-Z and in the Nations!

Thank you all so much


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