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Kasie & Spencer Brennt

Kasie & Spencer Brennt


With all that is within us, we believe America will be saved and the name of Jesus Christ will flood every nation to the ends of the earth. We have given our lives to take part in the work of the gospel as full-time missionaries with Circuit Riders, a mission’s organization under the umbrella of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Through multiple initiatives ranging from gospel training schools, women’s gatherings, evangelistic tents & stadiums, university & high school tours, and many more, all that we do is pointing to one Person: Jesus Christ.

Spencer has been a part of Circuit Riders from day one, as his parents pioneered the movement. One of my, (Kasie), favorite things about him is the way his heart burns for souls and his determination to reach as many people as possible for Jesus through the gifts God has given him in music, something we get to do alongside each other. Since I joined Circuit Riders at the start of 2018, I have become increasingly aware of the urgency of the hour. This generation is hungry for purpose. The media, social platforms, entertainment and even school curriculums are all screaming for their attention. We are determined to make a sound that pierces their hearts and turns their eyes to Jesus. Spencer and I are grateful to be serving the Lord in the capacity that He has called us to through Circuit Riders and have so much faith for all that is to come.

We believe this generation can be saved and we are grateful for every person who partners with us in the work of the gospel.


Spencer & Kasie

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