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Kayla Baumann

Kayla Baumann


Hello! My name is Kayla Baumann. Since I was a kid, I knew I would be a missionary. What I didn't expect was to be one in the city I grew up in.

I have worked with YWAM for about ten years now and I'm currently on staff with YWAM in Philadelphia. The world is coming Philadelphia. Tourists, immigrants, college students, and more. We have the awesome ability to reach people for Christ from around the world without leaving our city!

Part of what I want and feel called to do is make it possible for churches and ministries in the city to be able to support each other so we can better work together in accomplishing the great commission. I am still praying about what this looks like.

I'm also talking with my church about forming a missions team, so we can do consistent outreaches in the neighborhood. My hope is that multiple churches in the area would join together in this. We want to provide trainings for those who want to learn and practice a more missional lifestyle as well as connect people who already are living one, so we don't feel as alone.

I also feel called to write Christian Fiction stories that show how a person's faith can impact his or her daily decisions and what it's like to live out your calling, whether you want it or not.

I don't know how long I will stay with YWAM, but I do know that ministry is my life and, unless God very clearly directs me otherwise, the majority of my time will be spent in missions.

Ministry is hard... and we can easily feel isolated. But we weren't meant to do this alone. We need each other.

In order to fulfill God's call on my life, I need to work with a team of people who want to be a part of all He is doing in this city, both through prayer and financial support.  

Would you consider joining this team?

If you have any questions about my ministry or would like to know how you can be praying, please reach out to me at:


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