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Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey


Hi friends! My name is Ken Bailey and I am the founder of the nonprofit – Alms International.

The Lord has stirred my heart to provide help to orphans, widows, the poor, refugees and the hungry. I want to meet their spiritual and physical needs, by providing food, clothing, shelter, and financial assistance, while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

I have a passion to minister to “The Least of These”, as Jesus commanded us to do. Matthew 25:40 “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

I have been fortunate to serve as a pastor and evangelist for many years. The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to travel all around the world and teach on prophecy, in many countries, including Messianic churches in Israel.

I am now scheduling international mission trips, where I will share the gospel and speak on prophecy, as well as share amazing, prophetic messages, that God has given to me. I have had numerous visions from the Lord. He has also blessed me and allowed me to experience many signs, wonders and miracles. I will share them, as I go out and speak. God has called me and anointed me, to be a prophetic voice to His church and to the nations!

You can follow me, by going to my website at: You can stay in touch with me, by going to my Facebook page at: Ken Bailey Ministries or Alms International. Contact me, to speak at your church or event at:

Would you please keep me lifted up in prayer?

I also want to invite you to support my evangelism work! Your tax-deductible gift will help me go to the nations and partner with you, to lead countless people to Christ.

May the Lord bless you and keep you!!!


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