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John Zliczewski

John Zliczewski


Hi, Im John Zliczewski and I am apart of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Kona Hawaii.

YWAM is an organization that has the desire to "Know God and make Him Known." It's such an honor to be used by God in this way to be a part of peoples lives on their journey of wanting to grow in their relationship with God. I love how YWAM encourages us to pursue God and our skills/passions to further the Kingdom of God.  Being able to care for the flock of people that God puts in my path, and encourage them to choose God over the world, is one of the best feelings despite the challenges that come up.

I am currently on staff with the School of Worship. School of Worship is designed to disciple worshippers in their God given identity and God given gifts. Some of the topics we go over in our curriculum is What is Biblical worship?, Leadership, The Holy Spirit, Songwriting, Production, Band dynamics, instrument lessons, and much more.

Our hope is to have people who feel called to follow their passion in music and to follow God, to give them tools and a good understanding of how to blend them. Then wherever they go they will have these teachings and experiences look back on and do them with excellence. I also have been able to help with student and staff care with the School and I am really excited to be able to make sure when people are a part of our school they know they are cared for and seen.

School of Worship also includes a 3 month optional outreach to many different nations. One of our values is to release the sound of the nations. In this value We are starting to help other believers to have worship music in their own languages and encouraging them to use scripture in their music. This is especially great if they don't have the Bible in their language because through music they can use that to memorize parts of the Bible!! This is alittle snapshot of what we as School of Worship are pursuing for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you so much for taking time to hear and partner with what God is doing in my life. Please contact me and let me know how I can partner with what God is doing in your life or if you have any questions.


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