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Jaylyn Williams

Jaylyn Williams


Hey guys! My name is Jaylyn Williams, I am a student at a ministry/school called "the Ramp" in Hamilton, AL!

At the Ramp we train and equip future leaders of a global awakening! We long to see a generation come out of spiritual complacency, and to live their lives fully in the purpose of God.

In October of 2020, at a Ramp Conference, there was a call given for people who wanted to give their lives to the mission of God in the earth. As a gesture we held up our shoes in the air and we cried out, "Here am I, send me!".I wish I could explain the way I felt when I prayed that prayer, I felt confident in knowing that this is WHAT I WAS MEANT FOR, I finally found my purpose.

After this, the Lord began putting nations on my heart. I would dream about these nations, I would weep over these nations, and to be honest if I had a millions dollars I would fly to all of them in one week, of course if that was possible. Over time God would begin to speak and put His finger on one nation in particular and that was the United Kingdom. Through words, dreams, and of course prayer, it was undeniable that this is where the Lord wants me to be for the next few months of my life!

In Manchester, England I will be joining our other campus (Ramp UK) to help serve and reach the lost people of the city who are searching for hope.

Practically that looks like doing street outreaches and helping disciple those who are new to the faith! The religious demographics range from Muslims, Hindus, and those who claim "non-religious".

Over the past decade the percentage of those who claim "non-religious" has risen 15-20%. When I read this stat all I can think about is that there are people who have no idea who the real God is, or that there is a God at all.

I am willing to say YES to the call and to see lives changed in the UK, and I would be honored if you partnered with me on this journey! Whether it is through prayer or financial giving I am forever grateful! :)


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