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Janali West

Janali West


The Circuit Riders are a group of passionate believers who long to see my generation be revived by the love and freedom Christ offers. Starting in October, I will attend their Discipleship Training School for 3 months in Huntington Beach, while doing ministry events with them in Southern California. During this time, I will also get a chance to work alongside their Media Team, and I am beyond excited to utilize my Photo-Communications Degree to serve a greater purpose. The Circuit Riders actively plan events all over the United States and go on tour to carry the message of the Gospel, in a way that college students are receptive to. Once I complete my training, I will be sent out to different university campuses across the nation to help with these events. You can read more about the Circuit Riders Movement here:

I’m eager to see my story brought full circle as I return to a place and an industry that has a piece of my heart. I look forward to surrendering my skills and humbly offering my passion for photography to innovatively share the message of Jesus. My hope is to come out of this experience with an unquenchable fire for Him and an unrelenting urgency for His people to know Him.

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