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Jereme VanderWoude

Jereme VanderWoude


My name is Jereme VanderWoude. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and serving at YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Lausanne in Switzerland.

The Lord has led me to be a staff leader on a 3 month course through the Bible. I was a student in the course in 2016 and found it to be transformative in my own knowledge of the Lord and also my ministry towards others. During these 3 months, students will read through the whole of the Bible and also study several books more intensively by a method called the Inductive Bible Study. A portion of this time will be spent in a few locations where the Scriptures were actually written, such as Israel and Turkey.

My hope and vision for this time is bigger than just the 3 month course. The heart God has given me is to see believers become true disciples of Jesus, being people who know Jesus, obey Jesus, and share Jesus. It is from this understanding of the Lord’s calling upon his Church that we can be an effective and God-honoring witness to the people of this world.

I am grateful for your partnership in what the Lord is doing. And I am truly looking forward to rejoicing with you in how we will see the Kingdom of Jesus go forward.

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