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Jasmine Smith

Jasmine Smith


Hello! I’m Jasmine. I was born and raised in midwest America but I have been called far overseas!

I completed my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in February. The Lord worked miraculously in my life, I had found answers to questions I had no hope of answering, I was a whole new person! On the morning of our graduation day, the Lord told me that I was coming back to YWAM, and I would come back as staff. 

Starting January 2024, I will be staffing a creative & outdoor discipleship training school with YWAM Ålesund: a beautiful town on the west coast of Norway. In this school, the creative portion has different tracks that students can choose to take. (art, music, photography, film, dance, barista, and writing) I will be co-leading the writing track— helping students find their voice as Christian authors. I also have the privilege of leading and mentoring students as we get to know God and then make Him known in the nations. 

The goal is to love God, love others, and be so unabashedly, fervently, passionately creative. All in the name of Jesus. 

As a staff, I will have no salary. So, I am asking if you would prayerfully consider being a part of my financial support system as I spread the gospel in Norway and further to the nations!


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