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Jonathan & Brittany Sanchez

Jonathan & Brittany Sanchez


Hello we are the Sanchez family! My name is Jonathan, my wife Brittany along with our one year old Gavin have just moved from Texas to Huntington Beach, California to become full time missionaries with YWAM Circuit Riders. Our purpose as Circuit Riders is to carry the love of Jesus to university and high school campuses across America and catalyze schools and their regions into salvation, awakening, and multiplication. Circuit Riders are devoted bring the love and hope of Jesus to our generation, no matter the cost. We are a movement of lovers of Jesus dedicated to presenting the simple gospel to our peers, praying for the lost and broken, and equipping and training students to reach their campuses!

Among the many things Brittany and I will be doing as a staff members, we have the privilege of leading and pastoring a home called Field Training house. This particular home will be filled with young leaders from across the country and world that have come to California to be trained up and sent out to various fields all around the world and nation. Brittany and I will also be very active in Greenhouse which is the newly established prayer room in the Circuit Rider community. As a worship leader I will also be involved with music and Brittany is very passionate about empowering women so she will be involved with Brave Love which is a movement of women for women.

As a family we are passionate about gathering around a table and doing life together like Jesus did. We firmly believe as a father and mother we can deeply empower current and future Circuit Riders to fully live out their God given call. As a family we are committed to giving Jesus our YES, wherever it may take us and whatever the cost may be.

We would be honored if you would prayerfully consider partnering with our family to help pastor and ignite a generation that will touch the world!

He truly is worthy of it all.

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