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Joseph Sagonda

Joseph Sagonda


Hello friends and family! I’m Joseph Sagonda a vibrant young man pursuing God and growing in ministry.

I am from a small town in Choma, in the Southern part of Zambia  I love young people and I feel God is calling me into youth ministry through Descipleship and skills development in both spiritual and physical mentality through sports and agriculture. I will be going to Brazil (Dunamis Farm) to do a Bible Immersion study for 3 months.


This year has been one of the most transforming and life changing, as I’ve experienced God's love and found my identity in Him. Through this journey in missions I am discovering who I am and getting to learn more about Jesus Christ, His will and purpose for my life in Him, joining a church community and family that believes in God, pursues a relationship with Christ and believes in the power of the Holy Spirit has been amazing, God has revealed Himself to me and my family and this has changed how I see ministry/life in a whole new way, there by increasing my hunger and desire for Him (God).

This has driven my desire to share the goodness and love of Jesus with others, especially young people who in this generation and age just need someone to listen to them and believes in their dreams and will not judge them. I am taking this time, so I can grow in my relationship with God and sharpen my leadership skills and knowledge. The Bible Immersion with Dunamis will help me with this. Going deep into His word will help me in my interpretation and understanding of the Bible.

 My relationship with Jesus and desire to serve others is very important to me and would love to use this knowledge and experience to help and contribute to the church family and community, so I'm taking this step of faith by going to Brazil and doing the school at the Farm. I believe God is calling me to go, and I would appreciate it and would love you to join me and come on this adventure and journey with me.


We need to raise $4000 which will go into paying for the school, visa, Air Tickets and transport. The money is important and it is very much needed and anything given will go a long way in achieve this goal, but the one thing I'm looking for is friends, family and supporters to join me and partner with me in ministry /prayer.

I want you to be involved as I start on this journey and ministry, which God has called me into and I am passionate about.


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