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Jonathan Romero

Jonathan Romero


I grew up thinking that I could never do God’s work while traveling and seeing true revival on campuses. I thought it was impossible to do exactly what God has called me to. I always have been familiar with struggle. I know what it is to feel limited by the world’s system while at the very same time feeling a very strong desire to go on mission. Now is when I believe that God has led me into the mission field. Now is when I believe that He is about to use the arts to bring massive salvation. I’m proud to be a part of the CR organization where I will have the opportunity to throw my whole life at what God is doing in our generation.

God is on a continual search for those who are willing to take Him at His word. I believe with all my heart that God is going to thrust thousands of new missionaries into the hardest and darkest places. Now is the time to go into the college campuses in America and not only see the lost saved, but to see the saved revived and ultimately sent out into the mission fields. In this season, I have been given much responsibility as I will be leading a team of young missionaries across the country to see students activated for Jesus.

Last year, we recorded over 1300 salvations from college students, but we are not satisfied we know that there are more people that God is wanting to encounter. I am taking God at His word and believing that I am a part of the biggest missions movement there has ever been.

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