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Julia Rose Marie Cloud

Julia Rose Marie Cloud


Hi, my name is Julia and I have just started my 3rd year with YWAM. Our heart behind missions is to know God and to make Him known.


These past three years have been all about knowing God while going on shorter missions’ trips. Now that I have been equipped well, it is time for me to make Him known in the hardest and darkest nations. My long-term plan is to move to an open nation close to the Middle East and then take short trips as a midwife to help deliver babies and the good news in closed nations.


In order to complete this plan, I need to go to school for midwifery along with saving up to move. My goal in these next few years of school is to work hard and be able to move debt free as soon as I’m done.


My hope is that you will pray about partnering with me in prayer and provision. If you have a heart for the lost to know God, or for mothers and babies in dirty villages to feel Gods love during safe deliveries, then I pray you will partner with me.



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