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Joy R

Joy R


Hi, I am Joy and I am a full time missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). I currently live and serve in Berlin, Germany. Our mission is to know God and make Him known. We are a pioneering team with the vision of mobilizing people into missions in their cities, countries, and into the nations! 

I carry a few responsibilities on our team including administrative and communication roles, establishing systems that promote longevity and sustainability for our base and staff, and coordinating short term mobilization trips for young people to experience a taste of missions overseas. 

Mobilization is all about being a bridge for young people who want to obey the call of God into the mission field. At YWAM Berlin, we are committed to mobilizing young people into the mission field. We are committed to providing outreach opportunities, training, prayer support, and community. While Berlin is my home base, I am often traveling internationally and networking with other YWAM bases in order to build bridges between teams and establish partnerships. 

I also work in a Mobile Member Care and Crisis Response Team. I travel often to Ukraine and the Middle East region to provide mental health trainings, debriefs, and humanitarian aid - all with the ultimate goal of pointing people to Jesus. 

Since joining YWAM, I have been continually challenged by God to take steps of faith, and each time, I have been so glad I chose to give up trying to control things and trusted God. The experiences I have had in trusting God have surpassed any cool experience I could have planned for myself. And more than anything, I want other people to experience that, too. Because God is so cool. 

I am funded solely by the generous gifts of supporters like you. Thank you for enabling me to obey the call of God on my life.


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