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Jason Patton

Jason Patton


Jason & Tressa Patton along with their 3 kids, Zach, Seth and KayLee, have been missionaries to Guatemala since 2001. We love it!


Our mission is named Life Builders International as we have seen how God has used our obedience to Him to build lives in such a way that affects, body, soul and mind. Every aspect of life helps us live how God would want us to live.


Some of the ways we have assisted the body: After a tropical storm caused the deaths of 10% of two villages in one night. Jason was able to help immediate needs by using the ministry plane in order to fly in food. All the roads had been washed out. Little by little we were able to construct a kitchen where we can make meals, a warehouse to hold conferences and distribute evangelical materials and Bibles as well as other food sources. At the feeding center we have chickens and have an egg program, pure water distribution, as well as avocado and other harvests for the widows and orphans in that area.


Life Builders International has delivered medicines, given meals and distributed bags of Christian material, and have taught many people to share their faith leading to over 13,000 salvations through the teams that come down. Christ always met physical and spiritual needs at the same time. Not only do we always share Christ when we are assisting with physical needs, we also put on children’s programs, preach in services, conduct evangelism, and host prayer meetings. We find that when we are available, God always brings about the opportunity to share Him.


Along with physical and spiritual, we also address the mind. Many times, we are able to share about hygiene and healthy eating habits during the children’s or widow’s programs. Tressa has been a volunteer high school teacher at the school for missionary kids here in Guatemala. Since 2001 Tressa has reached the minds and hearts of kids.


We thank you for your generosity and helping Life Builders International.


Jason, Tressa, Zach, Seth & KayLee

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