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Joshua & Muskan Pagare

Joshua & Muskan Pagare


Hello my dear friends, I was a Psychologist and now I am in Bethel School. I am in my second year of ministry with my wife Muskan who will be beginning her first year with me.

We both have decided to serve the Lord and learn about Him through Bethel School of Supernatural ministry as the Lord had led us.

The Visa we have, so that we can come to the USA, does not allow us to work. As a couple we have to raise our own finances for the tuition and the living expenses. We wish to go back to India after this course and spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus to different parts of India. We will be doing training seminars on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and equipping leaders to build up the body of Jesus Christ and Raise a generation who would walk in power and the love of Jesus. We wish to carry what we are learning here and take it back with us so that we can impart it to people in different parts of India.

Please prayerfully partner with us so that we can complete our time at the Bethel School. Your support will allow us to be fully focused and learn what He has kept for us.

Joshua and Muskan Pagare

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