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Jalisa Oshunsanya

Jalisa Oshunsanya


You’re in the middle of a pandemic, graduated last year, and finally get a job offer in the last month of the year after numerous failed attempts at landing one… then you turn it down.

What the…… Are you crazy?…

Yes, this really happened and no, I’m not crazy but to some, I look crazy right now. This is currently the story of my life but the wildest leaps of faith tend to bear the most fruit.

God has rerouted my plans and opened a new door for me. I’ll be moving to California on January 17th for a 7-month discipleship training program called the Circuit Rider Experience (CRX). During the first 3 months, I’ll go through extensive training seeking God’s face with the remaining months dedicated to a nationwide tour used to spread the gospel.

I know that I am called to be a change agent for my generation, to stand boldly for God and this will prepare me. I have a heart for women walking in their true identity, which is what God says; beautiful, bold, loved, seen and not just looked at and most importantly created for a specific purpose.

Beyond this, I want to see Jesus radically encounter my generation and revival in America. If you’d like to partner with me on this journey, I’d greatly appreciate it!

I’ve already started fundraising. God has provided so much for me but I need $2000 by March 1st. This helps cover training, tuition, housing, food, and outreach across the US for the tour (transportation, food, etc.). Funding is broken up into 3 segments and this will be my last. Being that participants won’t be able to work during the program. My total goal is $5,000 which allows me to cover food and other living expenses. This is a tax-deductible donation and a receipt will be emailed to you every time you donate. Would you consider giving monthly support or a one-time donation?

Feel free to share this and send me any prayer requests. It can be sent via Instagram, @jadebombay, or email, you so much. Please keep me in prayer!

Also, head to my Instagram page to hear my testimony about how the job I turned down turned into sponsorship from the owner of the company for this journey… I can’t make this up, only God could do such a thing.


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