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Jessica Oedewaldt

Jessica Oedewaldt


Hello! My name is Jessica Oedewaldt!

I was born in Idaho into a loving Christian family. At a young age I feel in love with ballet and spent much of my student years chasing happiness through dance. When I finally realized how unfulfilling that was I began to search for my purpose in the Lord. He is so faithful and showed me the special power of performing arts as an evangelism tool, while redeeming my love for dance into his perfect will!

I have recently entered into full time missions with an organization called YWAM. YWAM stands for Youth With A Mission. Its goal is to equip young people for missions and send them out into the nations to spread the good news of the gospel. I am so blessed to have the opportunity through this organization to serve God using my love for dance and performing arts.

YWAM is one of the largest interdenominational missions organizations in the world. Its mission statement is to know God and make God known. YWAM has over 700 bases all over the world. They are committed to the training and equipping of young believers to help them fulfill their part in the Great Commission. They are passionate about helping young people discover how they can reach the world for Jesus using their God-given talents. That is what they did for me.

I am thrilled to enter into ministry as part of the staff team for the next performing arts Discipleship Training School with YWAM. We will be helping the next generation of young artists to get to know our good God, helping them discover His purpose for their talent, and teaching them how to share the gospel to nations through the arts. There are many opportunities to teach, create, and participate in performances! Performing arts, specifically dance, is something I have loved for a long time, I am so blessed to be able to use that passion for the glory of God!

I know that this work is not something I can do alone. Which is why I am building a team of prayer, and financial partners to help support me in this new adventure! Your support would allow me to continue to impact the lives around me and create performances that glorify God! To Him be the glory forever and ever!


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