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Jeremiah Munoz

Jeremiah Munoz


Hi guys!

My name is Jeremiah and I’m going to be joining the Circuit Rider Discipleship Training School, apart of YWAM (Youth With A Mission). This school starts in January and is about 7 months long. The first 3 months is the Lecture Phase where I will be temporarily moving to Huntington Beach. I will be equipped and taught to evangelize and spread The Gospel. The Lecture Phase consists of traveling to different colleges and universities to evangelize to the next and upcoming generation of students. The remaining time of the Discipleship Training School, I will be assigned a country to travel to and do my part in helping fulfill The Great Commission. Bringing light to this dark world and to show people that there is a savior that is ready save, heal, and deliver.

This is something I would’ve never imagined doing, even 5 months ago. Being a missionary was something so far out of mind; but I know the Lord has put this on my heart to do. I never thought this was in my capabilities, it being so far out of my comfort zone, but I believe when we come before the Lord with vulnerability He will move. Especially knowing His power and approaching Him with such expectation.

So, I want to take this step of faith and ask you guys partner with me to make this happen.

This school is about $9,000 and $3,500 is due by December 16th. However, this total is only the cost of the school and mission itself; not accounting for daily cost of living and a plane ticket home. An extra $4,000 is advised to cover necessities like transportation and groceries over the entire 7 months. With prayer and consideration, whatever The Lord is putting on your heart to donate, it will be such a blessing and I will be forever thankful. If there’s anything else I could ask for, that is PRAYER!!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this, I appreciate you a lot! :)


Matthew 28:19-20

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