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Joshua & Rachael Minter

Joshua & Rachael Minter


Our mandate is to reveal the heart of God to all people we encounter and serve.


We are simply and completely all about our King, Saviour and Friend, Jesus. We have laid down our lives for one reason, and that is to partner with our heavenly Father to establish His Kingdom on Earth. We are called to the darkness so Jesus' light can shine through us, leading His children closer to Himself. He is the one who calls them home, we get to go along for the ride. What an amazing journey it is, full of joy and wonder!


Our reward is not anything that comes from this world, it is not  the fruit of our ministry or the fame we receive from man. Our Reward is the presence of God, His presence sustains us, it  is our anchor, our hope and joy. What an honour we have to bring his Presence into the places He has called us to.


Simply, Matthew 25:40. Every one who comes to us, we love as if they are Jesus Himself.


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