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The Mathews Family

The Mathews Family


Damon and Jaime, along with their kiddos Presley, Ryan and Joshua were called into mission work in early 2023.

It started with a whisper from the Lord to Jaime to homeschool her children. Since they all grew up in a Christian school, Jaime did not understand why God was asking her to pull them from a school they knew and loved. But after several months of wrestling with the nagging word from the Lord, Jaime finally gave God her yes and began the process of pulling Presley, Ryan and Joshy out of the school system and simultaneously teaching herself how to teach three kids in two different grades.

Approximately one month after she gave God her yes, she felt another word from the Lord: that the family would be uprooting the life that they knew to join YWAM in 2024.

The Mathews are currently enrolled at YWAM Kona's Discipleship Training School (DTS), Fire & Fragrance, and Presley, Ryan and Joshua are all attending a children's DTS called Foundation School. At the end of March, they will leave for approximately three months to South Africa, where they will help continue to fulfill The Great Commission.

Part of the donations they receive will be to help fund the outreach portion of their trip, while God has also put it on their hearts to help bless the younger generation who are at YWAM and in need of financial partnership.

The Mathews Family

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