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Jeff & Katie Luehm

Jeff & Katie Luehm


Hi All!

In 2018, we moved back to El Salvador, where we had previously served in the Peace Corps from 2007 to 2009. With backgrounds in education, psychology, and social work, our passion has always been empowering vulnerable children and families. Scripture’s resounding cry of God’s heart for the orphaned has impacted us deeply and inspired us to action.

Over the past couple of years, we have collaborated with various organizations who are involved in caring for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children here in El Salvador. We have worked closely with Project RED, an amazing organization that walks alongside families of children who lived in orphanages and have been reintegrated with their biological families. We also regularly visit several local orphanages, preparing and implementing activities for the children, training staff, connecting them with resources and information, and sharing the love of Christ.

Although we have worked to equip these organizations with tools for best practice, we also recognize that institutions are not the ideal environment for a child. Both social science and Scripture affirm that children grow best in families and we dream of a future where every child would know the love of a family. Ultimately, we believe the local church is God’s solution to the global orphan crisis, and we are actively seeking ways to better equip churches to respond to the needs of the families in their communities. Our long term vision is to partner with local churches and the Salvadoran child protection system to recruit, train, and support other foster families.

So much of what you hear about El Salvador these days is bad news, and the situation, especially for vulnerable children and youth, can sometimes feel hopeless. But, we can testify that in the midst of poverty and suffering and violence, The Savior is here at work, bringing Good News, writing a new story of redemption and hope and growth, and we are thrilled to join in this work.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. We love you!

Jeff & Katie

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