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Jade Lucero

Jade Lucero


Hey, Hey, Hey! My name is Jade Lucero!

I will be a resident and staff member at Radiant School of Ministry starting this upcoming school year! Radiant’s School of Ministry is a ministry school that desires to train and send out pioneers with a heart for revival in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

We believe God is raising a generation of people to steward the next great awakening. Our part is to practically raise up ministers with a passion for His presence, a commitment to Jesus as their first love, a lifestyle of joy-filled holiness, healthy hearts, and the skills they need to pioneer.

As the school is devoted to training and sending out pioneers with a heart for revival, my heart is to do exactly that! Starting this year I have an opportunity to pioneer a travel ministry within the school and send teams of students out to the US and to the nations.

I will be traveling all over America with teams of students doing out-of-the-box ministry to reach the unchurched, unreached, and lukewarm. There's a need to do out-of-the-box ministry to reach the out-of-the-box world we live in. Every person is the love of Jesus’s life and my mission is to restore their hearts for Him. Leading evangelistic gatherings, ministry training, worship pop-ups, and partnering with church ministries and organizations across the Nation. The time is now to send missionaries to reach our youth and all generations. The United States is a mission field and the Lord is doing something wild in our nation now. He’s raising up chosen communicators, preachers, speakers, and musicians to fulfill the Great Commission and have the gospel go forth.

I will be a third-year student and resident with Radiant’s School of Ministry and I am so excited to not only run with young people but run entirely in my calling as a missionary and speaker and to train up others to do the same, to live out one of my mission statements of “send out while being sent.” I long to see my generation and all generations be captivated with childlike wonder for the Lord. For the heartbroken to be made whole, for the lost to find fulfillment, for the sorrowful to find joy, for voices to be unlocked, for bodies to be healed, for identities to be restored and found, and for fear to be abandoned into courage. To see the restoration and fullness of what Jesus died for.

I would be so honored to do this with you. To run with you, and do ministry with you. I would be honored if you would be prayerfully considering partnering with me in prayer and financially to help ignite all generations; my generation on fire touching every part of the map and saving a flickering and dying out world.

Jesus already died for me- the least I can do is give my life to Him- no matter what it looks like.

You are so cool! Thank you for hearing my heart- I can’t wait to hear more of yours!

<3 Jade

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