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Junghee Lee

Who is this girl?

Hi, this is Junghee from South Korea.

I was born and raised in a Buddhism family and served Budda until I was in Middle school. I randomly heard someone’s testimony at school and decided to go to church. God changed my whole family to Christianity in two years through me. We all follow Jesus now.

Missions and assignments:

I graduated my college with a major in education and did YWAM in Korea. God called me to be a missionary in 2013 for the first time and gave me a burning heart for North Korea. I did my DTS (Discipleship Training School) in 2018 in Kona, Hawaii through YWAM. After that, God kept me here and gave me a heart for the USA. I started learning to speak English here at YWAM. Through the past 3 years, God has been leading me to an Associate degree plan with YWAM and stirring up my heart for a business. Now I’m finishing up my degree and preparing to go to a mission field.

Stepping stones:

Counseling Ministry (January-March, 2022)
I just finished Counseling school which is my major for the AA degree. And I’m about to start an Outreach on the YWAM campus with a counseling ministry. Costs $3400.
Business school in Norway (April-June, 2022)
I have a sense that God is inviting me to do a business school in Norway. It represents that I am finally entering the promised land, which is a business area. Costs $2000 (18,000 NOK)
Go to the long-term mission. (Unkown)
Now that God put the heart for Thailand, I am praying for Thai people every Sunday at 8 pm and waiting for God’s timing.
Jesus is my Savior. I’m so thankful that God invites me with these steps for the Kingdom of God. Here’s my “YES” to Him. Now I need your partnership.

Thank you so much.

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