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John Krause

John Krause


After enduring many traumatic events in life, I (John) was lost with no purpose for many years. What I thought was a mess was actually God preparing me to carry a message.

After forty years being in the wilderness, God is calling me to share that message of hope with others who are at a similar place that I once was. Having this lived experience and seeing God do miraculous things in my life is nothing short of a miracle. God strategically placed many great men and women in my life that pointed me to Christ and taught me very valuable lessons and I want to consolidate all that I've learned and teach others.

As I carry this message of hope and transformation, I want to invite you to partner with me financially to support our mission at Starting Point by simply loving God and loving people. Love is an action word and I've been convicted that it's time to take action. I can no longer sit on the sidelines as I watch other people struggling with the same struggles I once had when I know that I can help them. As the words of Jesus penetrate my heart, it makes it harder to look the other way as people suffer or have basic needs that I can meet.

Matthew 10:42 "And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded."

We can play a role in helping others; it's not always the big things, it can be the simple, seemingly small things that we so easily take for granted that will express the love of Christ and be the encouragement that can radically change their life. One changed life often times impacts the lives of many others, breaking generational curses and brokenness.

Please come alongside my family and I as we embark on this journey. God has planted this seed in our hearts and we believe now is the time to water it and watch it grow. We need your support in this; financially, prayerfully, and through encouragement.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at or (925) 339-8155.


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