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Jacob Kelso

Jacob Kelso


Jacob 24, a part time missionary from Chicago, Illinois, is a young professional musician who has always excelled in music, performing over several times.  He dedicated his life to Jesus early in his music career and took a pause to grow in his faith and learn true servanthood. Jacob is constantly writing Christian music as well as evangelizing.  Early in his music career after encountering Jesus, he turned down multiple contracts and labels to give himself time to grow in his faith and resolve what God had called him to do in his young adult life.

Originally, Jacob had his own chauffeur business which largely funded his evangelism travels and music efforts across the country for several years (IL, FL, TX, OH, GA, NY, CA & more).  His friends often relate him to Paul the apostle as he goes from state to state preaching & rapping to the people on the streets, serving people, and encouraging current Christians. He has served as the Leader of Outreach for Selah Ministries, an evangelical community of young adult Christians, who he calls his family. After much prayer, Jacob, led by the Holy Spirit, decided to sign up for Equipnet which will support him in his mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism travels and music.

Jacob would truly appreciate any donations made. God supplies us with the gifts and talents we need to show others His love and mercy (Ephesians 4:11-13).  

Now taking a leap of faith, he asks you pray and only donate if you feel led by the Holy Spirit to partner monetarily toward his evangelism travels & music.


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