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The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family


The world whispers to us that if we check the boxes of a "successful" life on its terms, that one may ultimately find fulfillment.  Time is a teacher that seems to confirm otherwise.  More importantly, the life of the One whose example serves as the benchmark for us confirms otherwise. We believe that the investment in the lives of others through the gift

of relationship is where true fulfillment lies and is an investment that has the potential to outlast our time on this earth.  


We have experienced the grace and love of God in our lives personally. Our family is looking forward to this chapter of life focused on service, cultivation of authentic relationship, and opportunities to share this grace and love that we have experienced with others.


We resigned from our positions as a long-time collegiate soccer coach and a teacher to follow this path that lies before us.  We will be based in Costa Rica where we will be partnering with a respected organization who are committed to the protection, restoration and empowerment of women and children in sensitive areas. In addition, we are committed to the development of the platform of amputee soccer and adaptive sport initiatives for ALL at the local, regional, and international levels. 


We are humbled by and appreciative of the journey our family is on! Grateful that God has given us life as each day is a gift!  John 10:10


The Johnson Family

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