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Jeffrey & Isabella Bawell

Jeffrey & Isabella Bawell



Right now Jeffrey and I are Fundraising for travel, housing and food to go help with The Send in 2025!

We are currently raising $30,000. We are so excited to be asked to help lead the Hospitality team for 5 of the 7 events happening throughout Ireland and the UK!

If you are reading this you might know I was a full time missionary for two years right out of college. During the fall of 2017 I was at a conference where I felt like I heard the Lord ask me to ‘Tithe my twenties’, so the first fruits of what was supposed to be the beginning of my career, I gave to the mission field. Those two years would prove to be some of the most fruit filled, and faith-driven years of my life to date.

For two years I fundraised and the Lord allowed me to partner with Him via a group called Circuit Riders (CR)based in Southern California. During my time in Circuit Riders I learned about sharing the gospel, I was able to see salvations and healings in 10 different nations, I was active on 3 tours, two in Europe and one in the southern United States. This was an amazing time in my life that ended abruptly when the pandemic hit.

You might know that I met my husband on the mission field, and that Europe and the UK hold a very dear place in my heart and in 2022 the Lord invited us to go to Europe and help with something called The Send in Norway, via my friend Iggie from Bristol England.

Well, we have another invitation to partner with God. The long story short is that the story is continuing in 2025 - where we will be moving to the UK for 6 months to partner with The Send.

What is wild to me about this invitation is that the Lord has been honing in on something with me over the last 2 years about hospitality. Back in 2020, I was asked to write a blog about my thoughts on the subject.

We were asked to lead a segment of the Hospitality team. Our formal role is called  ‘contributor manager’ for 6 of the 7 upcoming events in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland!

That means Jeff and I will be responsible for everything that comes with ‘hosting’ the various speakers and artists coming to minister at these events. We will be booking hotel rooms, arranging transportation, feeding people and making sure people feel loved and seen as they serve and pour out. We will be not only managing greenrooms, we will also be making welcome packets, and all of the training people volunteering.

We will be getting to meet and minister alongside local leaders, and be facilitating global connections for each event.  

I have said it before, Hospitality is not the “practice of the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers” (Google’s definition of the word).

“Hospitality is the practice of asking questions, listening, asking for understanding, and choosing to love that individual well, despite their flaws, with action.” - Isabella Loparo Bawell, 2020

I grew up in a home that valued people more than anything. I am a product of an environment of the Holy Spirit teaching detailed and specific ways to love people, and to be asked to do that type of ministry for leaders on an international level is one of my highest honors to date.

We are currently fundraising $30,000 to cover travel and living expenses for 6 months, while we are there we are not able to work.  We will try and keep you updated on this later, but for now if you’d like to partner with us financially please the options below for all the ways you can support us.

If you are able to give in any amount, one time or monthly, we greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for investing in us, investing in relationships and investing in The Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

I was thinking about the old CR motto - Our mission is to save the lost, train the saved, and send them all.  For Jeff and I in 2025 - our mission will be to see the one, love them well, and give them what they need to carry out their calling. I - Isabella, have only ever been called to help people reach their “Next step” and what a joy it will be to be doing that more and more in 2025.

Thank you for investing in us!

-Isabella & Jeffrey

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