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Julia Hughes

Julia Hughes


Hey all! My name is Julia Hughes!

I am currently involved with a missions organization called Youth With A Mission in Kona! Our mission is to know God, and to make Him known.

I have the honor of staffing a six-month discipleship training school with Fire & Fragrance where I get to live in a room with nine other girls and disciple them throughout the week. We have speakers come each week and have classes every day that give them a greater understanding of knowing God and making Him known. I get to walk with them every day all day, and I couldn't be more excited to pour into these girls' lives!

Alongside this, one other staff member and I are planning a mission trip to the nations for three months! We will lead a team of 10-12 students! This means we are hopping on multiple Zoom calls, filling out budgets, and praying...a lot! There are three hundred students who have traveled to this base and are longing to follow the Lord and live out the Great Commission!

With all this said I can't do it alone! Would you partner with me in prayer, and financially? I am looking for a team of people to walk with me in the Great Commission. To see people hear the name of Jesus for the first time, and see people around the world hear the good news.

Will you be a part of my team, and partner together to see the nations and Genz come to Jesus Christ?


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