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Julia Higginbotham

Julia Higginbotham


Hello! My name is Julia, and I am a full-time missionary seeking to gather people wherever I can for the sake of Jesus.

I am currently partnering with a local church in Rhode Island called Generation Church. I will be diving deeper into theological understanding, worship leading, discipling, and being discipled, as well as using my gifts to glorify the Lord through the church.

I will be working with them to pioneer a college campus ministry at the University of Rhode Island while making connections and friends by working part time at a local coffee shop.

I believe Jesus has been misrepresented to a whole generation! I love talking with people around a table or in living rooms (or just about anywhere!) about how a relationship with Jesus will change their lives forever.

Will you partner with me through prayer and financial support?

I am in need of monthly support to cover my daily living expenses!

If you would like more information about the church, their website is:

Much love,


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