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Jake & Joanna Haynes

Jake & Joanna Haynes


Welcome to our profile! 


We are so excited you’re praying about supporting us!


Our story was orchestrated completely by the Lord. From meeting January 2, 2023 to marrying April 22, 2023, our journey has been nothing short of a miraculous faith adventure.


Before marrying Joanna, Jake was a missionary and had been involved with Circuit Riders and other organizations, traveling, preaching, and worshipping internationally before attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). Joanna was previously an evangelist who started her own ministry with a huge focus on healing and deliverance in Texas. Originally from Laguna Beach, California, Joanna had mixed feelings once God called her back to California, and specifically Bethel, but deep down had a strong sensing it would lead to many fulfilled promises. And so, it did! 


Right now, we’re spending most of our time on missions and assignments the Lord gives us. This summer, we’re on assignment to bring the Kingdom to Orange County, LA, SF, Tulsa, Dallas, and parts of the Middle East and Europe.


If you’re interested in supporting us on our mission to bring Heaven to Earth, we’d love it if you’d pray about sowing in monthly to the assignments God has put us on. 


Jake & Joanna

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