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Jordan Griffith

Jordan Griffith



My name is Jordan Griffith, and I am from Dallas, TX. I am right now doing my last semester of college at the University of North Texas of which I graduate in December ‘22. After that, I will be heading to Huntington Beach, CA to join the Circuit Rider Media Internship for 4 months.

I gave my life to Christ in senior year of High School after asking the question “How can I believe a God that I don’t see.” I remember asking this question after 11th grade camp. I would go to summer camps every year, but it was not until that year when the Lord started to spark curiosity. From there, I picked up the Bible for the first time, and found this new love for Jesus.

Then, after a few months I gave my life to Christ. I knew a need to know Him more. Then I got plugged in at UPPERROOM and have been there the last several years. I am currently leading worship for them. I have a desire to seek the Lord face to face daily, and to be in communion with him.

That being said, in my walk I have found a love for the Creative Arts. In this internship, I will be under the media team serving and learning more about what we do and why we do it (for the Lord). I am excited to go out in full faith and sacrifice for this because the Lord will provide.

As this is an unpaid internship, I have to raise funds for this. In total, this internship cost $3600 which includes rent + materials + fees for the program. The first $1000 is due Dec 7th, and the other $2600 is due Jan 7th.

I am fully expectant He will provide, but would love for you to consider donating. If you are unable to donate, your prayers are greatly needed. Once again super excited for this, and God bless!


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