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James Goodfellow

James Goodfellow


Hi, my name is James Cody Goodfellow and on November 25th, 2018, I received the call from the Lord into full time missions joining the Circuit Riders on their Carry The Love Tour as a musician and campus evangelist. On that five-month journey I discovered that it was God’s plan for my life to be a missionary and to adopt America and the nations as my own to bring the Love of Jesus to the world, and the world to Jesus. My passion and goal is to see revival and reformation transform America and the world.

Circuit Riders and Carry The Love:

Circuit Riders is a grass-roots movement based out of Huntington Beach, California. Our mission field is our generation. We want to see evangelism trend in America. A Jesus movement is coming to America and it has already begun. Together we have built several missions platforms, projects and campaigns to empower & train leaders, activate every believer, and inspire our generation to love like Jesus. Circuit Riders is empowered by Youth With A Mission.

For any questions feel free to email me:

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