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Jude Garza

Jude Garza


Hi! My name is Jude Garza and I am currently a Full Time missionary with the Circuit Riders Ministry!

In my ministry I am called by God to go to the nations and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am also called to minister and train young men and women from all around the world to be able to walk in their identity in Christ, walk in leadership, and go to their respective towns, states, and countries to do the same.

I am also a worship leader with the Circuit Riders and serve in ways of Leading worship at our hosted events when we go on missions tours.

Since the Circuit Riders organization is a non-profit org., I am a self funded missionary and require a team of monthly financial supporters to help me sustain the costs of living as well as funding my missions.

If you would like to join my team of supporters and help sew into me as well as my cause and ministry it would bless me beyond measure and be so very much appreciated!!


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