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Jordan Fieser

Jordan Fieser


Hi everyone!

My name is Jordan F and I will be serving with a NGO full time in the Middle East. Our ministry is focused on refugee camps by ministering and serving the refugees by sports, education, medical relief, arts, trauma counseling, and spiritual care.

This August I will be traveling to the Middle East to start this journey in a full time ministry to serve these people groups that have been growing on my heart ever since I became a strong believer. Last year I started training in a non-profit organization to train more on cross culture and demolishing my old worldview and building a new and realistic worldview to prepare for full time ministry.

After my time in the first non-profit school, my heart grew for the Middle East and the people that have been hungry for the Good News and for others. My goal in this organization is to build relationships, grow in my skills, language learning, and spreading the love of God to those who have been oppressed and traumatized there whole lives.

I have always had a heart for the Middle East because the people of the Middle East have been burning on me. I want to help and aid people by building a foundation to those who are in need medically in war torn nations and people groups that have faced so much genocide. I want to eventually grow in medical skills to use those to help those exposed to deadly and lethal war and biological weapons in the Middle East and provide medical aid in the mission frontlines.


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