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Juan Diaz

Juan Diaz


Dear Friend,

If you are receiving this, it is because I wanted to take the time to share with you that am moving to Japan as a missionary and wanted to invite and give you the opportunity to partner with me in prayer and financial support.

I have been in the workforce here in Orlando for roughly the past 10 years and now I feel a strong call to full time ministry. I have been part of this amazing local church for around five years and the pastor is at peace with me departing to serve to Lord in Japan. My church is called Mosaic, located in Winter Garden and my Pastors name is Danny Conner. They have various ministries but have a very beautiful ministry that helps families adopt children.

I will be heading to YWAM Oita. My brother Jose and Margan have been with YWAM for a few years now. They were in YWAM for 3 years and now they are pioneering a base in Oita Prefecture. Oita is a smaller city compared to Tokyo but rich in Christian history from before the great persecution.

The team there is amazing and are working in various ways to bring the gospel there through partnering with the local church, through art and street evangelism, through various culture celebration gatherings, and through an academy they have opened.

At the base I will help staff DTS's. Which are short term training and equipping schools for young people with a 2-month outreach in the end. I will also help with the social media department as well as teach weekly art classes at an academy they have just started for Elementary to Middle school students.

I ask that you pray and ask the Lord if He would lead you in supporting me financially. Thank you so much!


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