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Jordan & McKenzie Corral

Jordan & McKenzie Corral



We are Jordan and McKenzie Corral! We are partners with YWAM Kona. We currently reside in Kailua Kona with our son, Levi, and our Chocolate Labrador named “Kona”.

Yes, our dog’s name is “Kona”. Interestingly enough, we named her that about 6 months before we even knew we would be moving to Kona, Hawaii! In the summer of 2020, God called our family out of our hometown in California where we had been born and raised. He made it very clear that this would be a complete reset of our lives…and it sure felt like it. We sold our house, quit our jobs, and left for the Island of Hawaii…all while my wife was 8 months pregnant!

If there is one theme that has perpetuated throughout our lives, it is this: “God is faithful”. Time after time, when things felt shaky and unstable, our choice to keep faith in Him never failed us. He has proven Himself to be our true Provider, Protector, and Guide.

We are thankful that God has broken our hearts for the lost, tormented, and broken. We yearn to be family to the ones that never truly had “family”. We yearn to display the ministry of adoption that God has offered to us in a real and tangible way to those around us.

We aim to display the Father Heart of God through international missions, domestic partnerships, and local discipleship.

In mission work, we are committed to empowering locals to minister to fellow locals, assuring that their faith is not reliant on us.

In domestic partnerships, we are committed to partnering with organizations and churches that empower others to live a life of purity and obedience, unashamed of their faith in Christ.

In local discipleship, we are committed to creating disciples rather than converts. We are committed to discipling people unto Christ, rather than having salvation be a prerequisite for discipleship. Through obedience to the Word of God, power of the Holy Ghost, and the love of the Father, lost souls return home…standing the test of time and finishing the race strong.

Your donation will be faithfully handled in the following manner:

Your donation will not be spent on food, diapers, gas, mortgage, insurance, etc.

Your donation will be spent on biblical education, serving the community, funding future mission work, etc.

If you would like to partner with us, feel free to reach out via email for more information:


Jordan & McKenzie

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