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Julieanna Brennan

Julieanna Brennan


Hi! My name is Julieanna Brennan.

I am currently a student at YWAM ( January 2024 term). I have known I wanted to do missions since my baptism in the eighth grade! I wasn’t able to pursue missions until now because I was in the foster care system. I honestly feel so blessed for my experience in the foster care system because it has taught me to rely on my Heavenly Father.

In the season leading up to my DTS I prayed that God would break my heart for what breaks His, and oh boy has He! The top three things that God has completely broken my heart for is for the Muslim world, human trafficking and children who are orphaned/in the foster care system. My hopes for my time after DTS is to move to the Middle East and share the gospel with the most broken hearted people. 

Now this is where you come in! I am hoping to partner with people to reach my goal of about $1,500 a month to continue pursuing missions full time!

Thank you all for the support of finances and prayers! 

Love Julieanna Brennan

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