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Jesse Bowman

Jesse Bowman


Hiya! My name is Jesse Bowman and Im a full time missionary on staff with the Every Heart Movement. Every heart is a YWAM missions movement in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Filled by people with a reckless abandon, we are passionate about reaching campuses, nations, and cities, with a dedication to seeing every heart, met by love and sent by love. We worship Jesus, preach the gospel, intercede, and equip those we come in contact to do the same.

In the many ways I get to serve our movement, I get the absolute joy of being one of the core musicians with  MBL Worship, where we capture and release the sound of our movement, as well as our college campus expression, Met by Love, where we create spaces for students to encounter Jesus and be sent out to tell the world. My other roles include, serving in our prayer room, going on regular outreach to the streets and cities of America, and working with our vintage clothing line, Kingdom clothing.  

This coming spring WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPENING THE EVERY HEART SCHOOL! We will spend the fall being equipped and trained as a staff to lead students through this school. We believe it will be a training ground for people to be launched into seeing every nation reached.

I would be SUPER honored if you would prayerfully consider partnering with me both in prayer and financially to see this world brought to Jesus.


Jesse :)

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