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Jagger Blough

Jagger Blough


Hey! I am Jagger!

In late November of 2022 I experienced the presence of the Lord while visiting my friends church and since then my life has been completely changed. This encounter enabled me to walk in a 180 from how I was once living before and to start pursuing the Lord with ALL my heart. Through 2023, I felt the Lord call me to live a more intentional and righteous life with Him and pursue Him with all my time, money, and effort.

While at The Send, I felt the Lord tell me to sell the half of my gym to my friend, signup for a Discipleship Training School at YWAM Lancaster and get to know the heart of the Father even more! DTS changed my life completely! Even more, on what a relationship with God looks like. I learned how to hear His voice, fully rely on Him in times of need, give Him praise ALWAYS and more importantly He gave me IDENTITY. For once in my life I feel like a true son of God. This is something that I have become passionate about and really want other people to experience. I feel called to my generation to raise up young men to live a righteous life that honors and glorifies the Lord. As well as to know God and to make God known!!

After DTS, I felt the Lord tell me to go home and go back to work and get more involved in my church. As torn as I was, I was obedient. During that time after DTS, the Lord was showing me different ways to walk with the people around me and be an example of what a man of God looks like. Through this season, in prayer, I felt the Lord say to me that He wants me to continue with YWAM and to enroll in Catalyst Bible School (CBS) which is basically, an in depth over view of the entire Bible in 5 months learning how to teach about the Word then go on a 1 month outreach and teach others how to share the Word!

This is a very scary thing to feel from the Lord, but I have full faith that He has spoken this to me for good reason. So I plan to do this school Fall of 2024 then ideally join staff in the spring!

With this being said, I'm asking YOU for prayer in having an open mind ready to learn more of the Bible, discernment to know what to do after the school, as well as financial support during this journey.

My monthly income goal is $2,000 a month. Would you please prayerfully consider going on this adventure with me?

Thank you so much!


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